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The Who - Tommy
Polydor ‎ 2612 006
Дата релиза
2 299 руб.


A1 Overture 3:50
A2 It's A Boy 2:07
A3 1921 3:14
A4 Amazing Journey 3:25
A5 Sparks 3:45
A6 Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
Written-By – Sonny Boy Williamson (2)
B1 Christmas 5:30
B2 Cousin Kevin
Written-By – John Entwhistle*
B3 The Acid Queen 3:31
B4 Undertune 9:55
C1 Do You Think It's Alright? 0:24
C2 Fiddle About
Written-By – John Entwhistle*
C3 Pinball Wizard 3:50
C4 There's A Doctor 0:25
C5 Go To The Mirror! 3:50
C6 Tommy Can You Hear Me? 1:35
C7 Smash The Mirror 1:20
C8 Sensation 2:32
D1 Miracle Cure 0:10
D2 Sally Simpson 4:10
D3 I'm Free 2:40
D4 Welcome 4:30
D5 Tommy's Holiday Camp
Written-By – Keith Moon
D6 We're Not Gonna Take It 6:45

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Triple gatefold sleeve including a 12 page colour booklet.


Similar versions with same cat# / GEMA / Tri-Fold Covers:

Versions 1-2 & 4-6 the last page of the booklet shows the cat#, "Printed in Germany" and other info left of Polydor logo.
1-4 & 8-9 have a white Polydor logo on labels.
1-5 have a red Polydor logo and "Stereo - Also Playable Mono" on sleeve back.
For releases 1-3 below it reads on labels "STEREO 33" on side 1/4 and "ST 33" on 2/3, the side# is usually in 2 o'clock position above the description box.
1. Release 743297 (Has an asterisk below the title list on label) [CURRENTLY VIEWED VERSION]
2. Release 4638030 (Circled/Rim text on label facing outwards to runout, also "Deutsche Grammophon" mentioned)
3. Release 8572014 (Note: No pics from last page of booklet)
Releases 4-9 below - on all sides now "STEREO 33" instead of "ST 33":
4. Release 4631530 (Side# position is on 3'clock right on sides 2/3 - No pics from last page of booklet)
Releases 5-7 below show a different label with black Polydor logo and "Tommy" on top over the centerhole instead below. Side# position is now usually on 3'clock:
5. Release 4322668
For 6-9 below the Polydor logo on sleeve back is white and does no longer mention "Stereo - Also playable Mono":
6. Release 5197868
For 7-9 below there is a label code on sleeve back (so after ~1976)
7. Release 10471743
For all below the label design is like the first ones again with white Polydor logo and the last page of booklet shows no additional info left to the Polydor logo:
8. Release 9737670 (Side# position is on top/2'o clock on sides 1/4)
9. Release 5262077

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