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Scorpions - Best Of Scorpions, Vol. 2
RCA (2) ‎ NL 74517, RCA (2) ‎ NL74517, Arteton ‎ NL 74517, Arteton ‎ NL74517
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1 399 руб.


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Released unofficially by Russian Disc in 1991 (judging by the matrix - copy of Europe release Scorpions - Best Of Vol. 2 with all identifiers).
Information printed on back and spine:
Cassette: NK74517
CD: ND74517
Taken from the albums:
In Trance - A1, A3, B3
Fly To The Rainbow - A2, B2
Virgin Killer - A4, A6
Tokyo Tapes - A5, B1, B4

Released by Arteton® LTD
℗ BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH
© 1984 BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH
Distributed in the UK by BMG Records.
Distribué en Europe par BMG Ariola.
Vertrieb in Europa durch BMG Ariola.
A Bertelsmann Music Group Company.
RCA is a registered trademark of RCA Corporation

Information printed on labels:
NL 74517
℗ BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH
Marketed by BMG. TM(S) ® Marcas Registradas. All logos and trademarks protected.
(Side 1)
℗ 1974 (2), 1975 (1,3), 1976 (4,6), 1978 (5)
(Side 2)
℗ 1974 (2), 1975 (3), 1978 (1,4)

Laminated sleeve, red labels
Year is not shown on the release.

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